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I Need To Manage Admins

Add admin users or change your personal profile settings under the Admin Users tab.

Admin tab

Add an Additional Admin User

  • Select the Admin Users tab.
  • Click the + (Plus) icon to the right of the Search button.
  • A New Admin User profile will display to the right.
Add an Admin
  • Enter the organization or department you want the new admin associated with in the Customer field. Your organization or department will populate as you type.
    • Note: If nothing is entered in the Customer field, the new admin user you create will be categorized under the same customer account as you.
  • Make your selection from the options presented.
    • Note: If your organization or department is not populating, please contact your account representative.
  • Enter the User Email address.
    • Note: Double-check the email address is correct before clicking Save. You will not be able to edit the email address after saving.
  • Enter their First Name.
  • Enter their Last Name.
  • Enter a Password and Confirm Password.
    • Note: We recommend they change their password upon first login.
  • Make sure Yes is marked under Active.
  • Click Save
To deactivate an admin user, navigate to their profile and click the No button under Active. Click Save. They will no longer have access to their admin account.
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