Interpreters for Insurance Companies

Consumers trust a company that speaks their language

Expert interpreters for insurance companies, 24/7

An efficient insurance agent speaks with a customer through an interpreter.

Improve claim efficiency stats and reduce costs by ensuring your agents get accurate info the first time they talk with a customer.

Using experienced interpreters for insurance companies opens your business to a wider customer base and improves customer satisfaction.

Instead of hiring bilingual staff, on-demand interpreters give you the flexibility to reach customers in hundreds of languages.

CLI’s full spectrum of language services allows your team to truly connect with your insurance customers — on paper, over the phone, or on video.

[CLI’s] quality assurance review process is the best I’ve ever experienced.

You can count on CLI’s interpreters — in 230+ languages

  • Interpreters who know insurance terminology ensure accuracy
  • Pay by the minute to keep costs affordable
  • Quick interpreter connection times reduce your customer wait times
  • Create brand loyalty when your customers can talk with you in their own language
An interpreter smiles as they take a call to get an insurance claim processed.

75% of people said they’ll purchase from a company again if they offer customer care in their language.

Home insurance, auto insurance & health insurance companies rely on CLI

In 2021, one of our customers — a large insurance provider — expanded into Hawaii. They needed immediate support for the languages spoken by customers in that region. Between the diverse language mix and complex reporting requirements to fulfill their new contract, this was a job only CLI was equipped to handle.

As CLI does for all our customers, an internal team of interpreter recruiters, IT professionals, and client relations specialists went to work ensuring they had ample on-demand access to interpreters for the Marshallese, Chuukese, Samoan, and Tongan languages.

Four smiling Hawaiian dancers in long green dresses perform a hula dance for an excited crowd.

With CLI, they saw a 60% increase in successful connections & 72% faster connection times.

CLI set up custom reporting, per the insurer’s specific requirements: extensive data collection for service level reports, with different facets for Medicaid and Medicare — all delivered correctly, to our customer’s delight.

Using our tracking analytics, CLI identified additional support needs for Chuukese. Our team worked to quickly increase coverage with more Chuukese interpreters, which further improved their service levels.

The insurer reported a staggering 60% increase in successful connections over their previous interpreter services, and 72% faster connection times.

Our interpreters for insurance companies are second to none. When your contract depends on it, CLI is who you rely on to ensure success.

Are you looking for language support for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) calls?

We specialize in foreign-language interpreters for CMS call center monitoring.