Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Services

Access 230+ spoken languages and ASL with 24/7 support.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Services

Access 230+ spoken languages and ASL with 24/7 support.

Everything You Want in a Video Interpreting Solution. Everything You Need in Language Access Support.

Deliver effective communication through MERFi™, CLI’s video remote interpreting (VRI) solution. MERFi connects you with high-quality video and audio remote interpreters, but with the customizations, reliability, and flexibility your staff needs to feel supported and successful.

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Adopt a VRI Platform that Puts Language Access First

Help your staff, providers, or agents better serve non-English-speaking communities, backed by us — your partner in language access. MERFi is HIPAA compliant, secure, and available in 230+ spoken languages and American Sign Language (ASL).

Experience More of What Matters, Less of What Doesn’t

  • Say goodbye to distractions in noisy environments. MERFi automatically reduces background noise so you can focus on what’s meaningful.
  • Enjoy natural and clear video calls with minimized speaker echoes.
  • Keep network disruptions out of your session. MERFi monitors your network and adjusts your video and audio for optimal performance.
  • Experience crystal clear communication. MERFi’s audio and video quality exceeds standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Make MERFi Part of Your Team​

  • Integrate with your EHR system, including Epic.
  • Build brand trust by adding your logo, colors, and imagery directly to the MERFi platform.
  • Add a touch of familiarity by setting up your staff interpreters on MERFi.

Expect More from Product Updates

Product releases, bells and whistles, and integrations will all have one goal in mind — improving your interpreting experience.

Feel Tech-Savvy with Frictionless Usability

A user-friendly interface makes connecting to a video interpreter easy.

Avoid the Inconvenience of Dropped Interpreters

In the event your interpreter drops from your session, MERFi will automatically try to reconnect to the same interpreter.

“A good quality interpreter is immediately available. I feel that when I use CLI, they are translating exactly what is being said and don’t leave any information out.”

Languages Available

CLI provides 24/7/365 access to professional interpreters in 230+ languages, using the audio option within our video interpreting platform or over the phone. The languages we currently offer on video include:

American Sign Language







Haitian Creole















Quick Access to an Interpreter

All you need is a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet with a camera and a high-speed internet connection.

Sign In

Enter your access code to sign into the CLI video interpreting web address.

Choose Your Language

Fill in the requested info and select your language.


Upon connection, video interpreter will appear. Your conversation can begin.

MERFi Features

Exceptional communication means an exceptional experience.

  • On-demand & scheduled connection to an interpreter in seconds
  • Easy-to-use interface with clear, high-quality video and audio
  • Fingertip access to your most frequently requested languages
  • Chat function, available in-language for written instructions
  • Ability to add remote attendees to interpreter meetings: staff interpreters, experts, even family members
  • Quickly schedule interpreter appointments in advance
  • Highest security available with a private, encrypted network

Benefits of VRI

VRI services offer a variety of benefits for organizations and LEP, deaf, and hard-of-hearing individuals. Here’s how we can enhance your communications and relationships with clients, customers, or patients.

Experience and Expertise

CLI works with skilled interpreters who have experience in your industry. We specialize in healthcare, Medicare Advantage and Part D Star Ratings, call centers, insurance providers, financial services, and more.

Save Time​

Interpreters are available whenever you need them, usually within seconds. You can quickly connect with remote video interpreters while avoiding the hassle and delays of scheduling on-site interpreters.

Save Money

Access qualified interpreters without having to hire a full-time team of interpreters.

Why Choose Us for Interpreting Services?

Qualified and specialized interpreters

Certified Languages International provides fast and easy access to professional interpreters with video remote interpreting (VRI) services. We carefully select interpreters with knowledge of your industry and ensure they can provide effective communication between parties who speak different languages. They must pass a stringent assessment that demonstrates their interpreting experience and accuracy.

With our expertise, you get full-time support from qualified interpreters, which reduces call times and potential for liability. 

CLI isn’t just a provider of interpreter services — we are advocates fighting for the greater good of comprehensive language access. Our team is committed to empowering LEP individuals to make informed decisions about their lives. 

Access to language services is a basic human right. That’s why we work to remove language barriers by providing quality interpreters, offering high-touch, customized telephone and video solutions, and supporting legislation that elevates the interpreting industry.

When you work with CLI, you will always be greeted by a live, friendly operator, as opposed to reaching an automated message or frustrating voicemail. We are renowned not only for exemplary language services, but also for cultivating long-term relationships with our clients through competitive prices, excellent communication, and extraordinary customer service.

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