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I Need To Add An Interpreter

As an admin, you have the ability to add and manage your own interpreter staff.

To add a staff interpreter to the portal:

  • Click on the + (Plus) icon to the right of the Search button.
  • A blank profile page will appear to the right.
  • Fill in First Name, Last Name, Gender, Email, Phone, Active status, and Language(s).
  • To clear the form and start over, click Cancel.
  • To save your entries and create a profile, click Save.

Note: An Interpreter ID will be generated after the interpreter’s profile has been filled out and saved. You will need to exit the interpreter’s profile and re-enter to view the ID.

Email Notification and SMS Notification are controlled by each interpreter. Individual interpreters can change those settings under the gear icon in the interpreter portal.

Video Calls can only be toggled on or off when the interpreter is online.
To take calls, an interpreter’s Active status must be set to Yes.
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