Mortgage Interpreting Services

Simplify the mortgage world with comprehensive interpretation from professionals you can trust.

Mortgage Interpreting Services

Simplify the mortgage world with comprehensive interpretation from professionals you can trust

When It Comes to Mortgage Applications, Clear Communication is Key

But what happens when language barriers get in the way? The complexity of mortgage language can be challenging for English speakers, but for limited English proficient (LEP) buyers, it can dissuade them altogether from getting the services they need. That’s where Certified Languages International’s mortgage interpreting services come in.

Our remote interpreting services provide financial institutions a means of communicating effectively with their LEP borrowers, from decoding mortgage terminology to navigating legal nuances. We provide on-demand phone interpreting, video interpreting, and document translation services — like mortgage applications and other documents — from English into the borrower’s preferred language.

Why Choose CLI for Professional Mortgage Interpreting Services?

Choosing a professional remote interpreting service like CLI ensures that you have a team of experienced interpreters available when and where you need them.

Our experienced call center agents connect you to qualified interpreters who are well-versed in the language and culture of your customers, so they can translate and interpret the most complex mortgage concepts with ease.

Clarify Mortgage Terminology

Terms like “amortization,” “escrow,” and “equity” are unique to real estate and frequently appear on mortgage documents.

CLI’s professional interpreters are skilled at accurately interpreting tough industry-specific terms and concepts without an in-language equivalent. Our quality remote interpreting services can be helpful from the initial mortgage application to the signing process by articulating what the buyer is signing.
Every culture has different philosophies, customs, and expectations when buying a home. While a professional interpreter’s main goal is facilitating conversation, they are familiar with the culture of both the borrower and the lender and can help provide cultural context to both parties as necessary to foster a respectful and inclusive environment.
Approach the originations and services process holistically by incorporating remote interpreting services throughout the mortgage lifecycle. Trust and loyalty grow from consistent experiences. Deliver from start to finish and you may just get a customer for life.

When working with (and documenting the use of) professional interpreters, lenders:

  • Show genuine effort to comply with language access regulations
  • Demonstrate willingness to provide LEP buyers with equal access to financial services
  • Are better prepared in the event of any complaints or legal actions

Having interpreters involved in the communication process can be a significant defense in avoiding legal penalties, reputational damage, and potential lawsuits.
Remote mortgage interpretation enables financial services companies to reach a broader range of customers through accurate interpretation and document translation services. With this, you can effectively cater to culturally diverse clients without any communication barriers.

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Understanding the Complexity of Mortgage Originations

Purchasing a home or applying for a mortgage involves deciphering complex technical terminology and concepts. Originators and financial services companies frequently use industry-specific terms, which can be daunting, especially for LEP borrowers.

And it’s not just the terminology. If the borrower speaks a language other than English, they will likely have a different cultural understanding of the process as well.

A banker and a compliance officer shake hands in an office.

Get Precise and Accurate Mortgage Interpreting with CLI

By working with qualified interpreters, lenders can:

Experienced and Professional Interpreters You Can Trust

We work with world-class interpreters who possess in-depth knowledge of the mortgage application process and related documentation. Moreover, their precision, accuracy, and attention to detail make them invaluable allies for both financial institutions and borrowers alike.

Interpreters with an Extensive Toolbox

CLI’s professional interpreters use protocols to make sure they are providing the most accurate, consistent interpretations possible. Their protocols include:

  • Requesting clarifications when needed.
  • Remaining transparent at all times.
  • Using financial glossaries and client-specific disclosures when available.
  • Brushing up on unfamiliar mortgage and lending terminologies as needed.

Comprehensive Mortgage Language Solutions

Expand your customer base, increase revenue, and enhance your reputation by supporting underserved communities. Banks that offer multilingual services help empower LEP individuals to confidently engage in financial activities and fully participate in the banking system.

Leverage Technology for Quick Service

Improve employee satisfaction by equipping your staff with the resources they need to communicate effectively with diverse customers. They’ll feel more confident in their roles and, in turn, provide better service. Working with interpreters also allows bilingual bank staff to focus on their core duties without being diverted by interpretation tasks.

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