Frequently Asked Questions

  • What industries does Certified Languages serve?

    Certified Languages services all major industries including: Insurance (home, auto, life, health, etc.), Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Call Centers, Retail, Customer Service, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Utilities, Education, Government, Legal Systems, Courts, and more. Learn about our expertise in various industries >

  • What hours does Certified Languages operate?

    Certified Languages operates 24/7/365 — we are always available with live-answer operators and professional interpreters to take your call.

  • Our company is in need of scheduled as well as instant telephone interpreting services – is this something Certified Languages provides?

    Certified Languages operates 24/7/365 — we are always available with live-answer operators and professional interpreters to take your call.

  • How does Certified Languages structure pricing for interpreting services?

    Certified Languages charges by the minute for all languages. The price per minute is based on volume of estimated minutes per month and language breakdown.

  • What languages does Certified Languages service?

    Certified Languages currently provides professional interpreters in more than 230 languages over the phone, and in a growing list of languages over video feed. View an alphabetical listing of the languages we provide and our comprehensive overview of world languages by country.

  • Do we need special phones to access an interpreter?

    No, Certified Languages’s interpreters can be accessed from any phone. However, we do offer splitter sets that work with all digital phone systems as well as dual handset phones. These products allow our clients and their Limited English Proficient (LEP) customer to have their own handset in face-to-face encounters.

  • Where is your company located?

    All Certified Languages offices and call centers are located in the United States. Certified Languages’ corporate headquarters and primary call center are located in Portland, Oregon. We also operate a second call center in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Conversations with our clients/patients are highly confidential. How do we know that this information remains private?

    Certified Languages recognizes that privacy is a top priority. We adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Certified Languages is registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield program, we have a current PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance, and we are fully compliant with standards set by national healthcare…

  • How does Certified Languages protect our organization from exposure to legal risk?

    It is critical to ensure that the clients we serve are protected from the types of risks associated with interpretation and translation services. To that end, Certified Languages would be happy to furnish a copy of its comprehensive insurance certificate upon request, which verifies that we offer extended coverage, obviating any potential exposure to your…

  • What kind of insurance coverage do you carry?

    Certified Languages carries comprehensive insurance coverage that includes general liability insurance that extends to all employees and subcontractors, an additional $5 million umbrella policy, auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and errors and omissions insurance. Our professional liability insurance extends to contingent bodily injury and property damage. Additionally, our policy extension includes broad 3rd party privacy…

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