Document: User Guide

User Guide PDF download Section 1: Logging in to your MERFi Account Section 2: Home Page Overview Once logged in, your “Home” screen (sometimes referred to as the “Billing” screen) will display the following fields: Organizational Information, Languages, Channel, and Schedule. Organizational Information Between 1 and 5 fields at the top of the screen will… Continue reading Document: User Guide

MERFi Minimum Requirements

CLI’s Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Platform: Minimum Requirements & Compatibility Minimum System Requirements Overview of Compatibility

Key Security Features

The MERFi platform prioritizes the security of your communication. Security features include: These comprehensive security measures are in place to prioritize your privacy and provide a safe and secure environment for your interactions on MERFi. Download the full MERFi Security Overview PDF

Rate Limiting

All API calls to server are rate limited by IP to prevent brute forcing and to reduce DOS effectiveness for backend servers