CMS Call Center Monitoring, Language Access, and CLI

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CLI’s Interpreter Service Helps Medicare Advantage Health Plans Maintain Top Star Ratings

Test taking is stressful no matter what sort of test you’re taking, and many of the clients CLI supports acutely understand this feeling.

Every spring, the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) conduct call center monitoring of the health plans that service Medicare Part C and D.

CMS monitors for two main things: timeliness and accuracy/accessibility. CMS “secret shoppers” call into health plans and survey how quickly they get connected to a customer service agent, how accurate the information provided by that agent is, and whether or not accessibility services like interpreters are readily available.

The success of many of the test calls received by health plans depend on the availability and performance of an interpreter.

CMS gives star ratings and assesses compliance based on the result of its call monitoring, and CLI is deeply invested in making sure our clients receive the best rating possible.

CLI is proactive

While the companies that use CLI’s services already know how important quick and competent language services are, they also know how crucial top-notch interpreting service during the CMS call center monitoring period can be.

During the months CMS conducts call monitoring, CLI does several things to ensure the success of these calls for our clients.

  • We closely monitor interpreter availability for the languages being tested, ensuring that interpreters are quickly connected.
  • We provide resources to our contractors outlining the types of questions that CMS test callers could ask and the industry-specific terminology they could use.
  • We run an engagement campaign to keep CMS calls top of mind for our contracted interpreters.
  • We actively conduct internal test calls to make sure interpreters are ready and know what to look for.

During this time, CLI’s Quality Assurance Department makes itself greatly available to the interpreters who work with us, answering any questions they may need and offering guidance when requested.

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What CLI can do for you to help your CMS Star Rating

CLI works closely with all of our clients, and is highly receptive to the needs of our clients affected by CMS call center monitoring.

Our Client Relations team works closely with our Interpreter Services Department to provide the best service possible during CMS test calls. These teams relay critical information to the interpreters who take test calls and ensure their service meets our clients’ expectations.

While CMS test calls can be stressful, CLI wants to help make these calls go smoothly.

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