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Mobile, Easy, Reliable, Fast Interpreting

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Simple and Reliable

MERFi brings video remote interpreter services to your team in the apps they use every day.

It has been designed around your users; intuitive to use and a single platform for both video remote interpreting (VRI) and audio-only interpretation (OPI).

  • Device agnostic
  • HIPAA-compliant access
  • 4K/5k video
  • Stable, high-quality connections
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Custom-branded UI for a seamless client experience
VRI Video Remote Interpreting in over 200 languages; developed for healthcare and HIPAA compliant; integrates with telehealth and EMR / EHR Platforms


MERFi is built on a mature architecture originally developed for telehealth and EHR integration.

MERFi tightly integrates with other telehealth platforms, providing a “one-click entry for your patients.” In fact, 70% of customers access our interpreters within their EMR / EHR systems through API or SIP workflows.

We also have a URL workflow option if you prefer.

Platform Documentation

With a unified user experience across mobile, desktop, and EMRs, MERFi delivers the consistency, rich features, and ease of use that drive adoption.

MERFi provides all-inclusive, enterprise-grade video interpretation in any context, from simple browser-based video to desktop and mobile devices, video and audio calls, as well as call recording for both.


Our team is on call 24/7/365 to support your team