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Comprehensive Interpretation and Translation Services

Finding high-quality, accurate interpretation and translation services is crucial for companies doing business across languages and cultures. Whether your business needs remote interpreting services to communicate with clients or you need document translation for your legal firm, the importance of professional, qualified interpretation providers cannot be overstated.

Let’s explore the fundamentals of interpretation and translation services.

Interpretation vs. Translation

While often used interchangeably, interpretation and translation refer to distinct services:

  • Interpretation involves orally converting speech from one language into another in real time. Interpreters are needed for in-person or virtual settings.
  • Translation refers to accurately converting written materials such as documents, websites, applications, marketing materials, and more from one language into another.

Types of Interpretation Services

Professional interpreters enable smooth communication across languages through services such as:

Telephonic and Video Remote Interpretation

Interpreters work remotely through phone or video calls. Telephone interpreters are a cost-effective option for call centers, schedulers, or quick conversations. Choose video if your session would benefit from visual cues.

ASL Interpretation

American Sign Language (ASL) is the most widely used sign language in the U.S. It’s important for teams to provide ASL interpretation services if the need arises. ASL interpreters can work remotely through the use of video or provide services in person.

On-Site Interpretation

For on-site interpretation, interpreters are physically present for meetings, medical exams, depositions, factory tours, and other on-location needs. This method provides a natural form of communication.

Types of Translation Services

Quality translation spans far beyond documents. A full-service agency will offer services such as:

Document Translation

Document translation refers to the conversion of paperwork, contracts, manuals, certificates, legal documents, and other printed materials from a source language into the target language. Document translation services should be secure, accurate, and customized to fit your business needs. 

Website Translation

Website translation changes web content from one language into another to reach global audiences. This is a great way to reach more customers and communicate effectively.

Technical Translation

Technical translation is the specialized translation of technical documentation, manuals, schematics, clinical data, and other complex materials that require subject-matter expertise. 

Benefits of Professional Services

Although teams may use tools like Google Translate for quick answers, machine translation alone is not reliable for many situations where quality, authentic language access is needed. Professional services offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Accurate and nuanced communications: Fluent human linguists properly interpret speech and translate complex texts full of industry jargon, technical specifications, corporate messaging, legal terminology, and cultural references.
  • Improved customer experiences: Clear, natural communication makes customers, employees, partners, and other audiences feel understood and connected to your business. This drives better engagement, satisfaction, sales, and loyalty.
  • Risk reduction: Relying on incorrect or low-quality translations can present compliance risks, cause confusion, and even damage your reputation. Professional services reduce these risks.
  • Increased efficiency: Having an expert partner manage translations and interpretations allows your team to focus on core priorities rather than tackling communications in unfamiliar languages.

Look to Certified Languages International for Your Language Needs

At CLI, our team of experienced, professional interpreters are fluent in over 230 languages. Our services include telephone interpreting, video interpreting, document translation, and more. In addition, our interpreters possess a deep working knowledge of industry terminology for fields like healthcare and banking.

If you’re looking for interpreters who work as an extension of your team to positively reflect your brand and help you connect with more people, we’re here to help. Request a quote for our services to get started or learn more about how to access translation and interpretation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are rates and turnaround times determined for translation?

Factors like language pair, industry, project complexity, quality expectations, word count, and more influence rates and timelines. CLI will assess your unique needs and provide custom quotes.

Can you translate handwritten documents?

Yes, professional translators can work from both handwritten and typed documents.