CLI’s Language Access Connectivity and Continuity

Data continuity

Fast and Reliable Interpreter Service

Whether you work in healthcare or customer service or manufacturing, time is of the essence. You’ve optimized the systems and processes you use to take as little time as possible. You want to serve your customers quickly. You want to provide great healthcare quickly. You want to keep your business or your practice running efficiently.

Today, language services like over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI) are integral to providing top-notch customer and patient experiences. One out of every five people in the U.S. speaks a language other than English, and on-demand interpreters help people working in fast-paced, service-oriented industries communicate with non-English speaking people.

That’s why CLI has optimized its services to be agile and easy-to-use interpreting, and we’ve developed measures to guard against downtime and disconnections.

Fast Connection to an Interpreter

Listening to hold music is always painful, especially when you know that providing effective healthcare or a positive customer experience depends on swift service.

That’s why speed of connection to an interpreter is a top priority for CLI. We developed a proprietary software interface that blends telephony and data collection, allowing our Customer Service Representatives to immediately connect an interpreter in the correct language.

On top of that, our Interpreter Services team constantly monitors interpreter availability to guarantee that resources are promptly available to our clients.

Reliability and Continuity

CLI knows our clients need reliable service that’s available 24/7, so we’ve has developed a robust business continuity plan to assure just this.

CLI employs multiple telephone service carriers to produce redundant paths for inbound and outbound calls. If one network fails, calls are routed through another service. This approach ensures CLI has the resources and flexibility to withstand local, regional, or nationwide carrier-related outages.

CLI is prepared to handle dramatic volume surges in the event of natural disasters or national emergencies.


Our clients put their trust in us to maintain timely, consistent service, and CLI is devoted to doing whatever we can to offer just that. We think what really differentiates CLI is our reliability, the breadth of languages we offer interpreting services in, and our commitment to customer service at every level.

If a reliable and quick connection to professional interpreters is a concern for your organization, contact CLI today. Let’s talk about how a partnership with CLI can help you better communicate and connect with the non-English speakers you serve.

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