A Snapshot of the Top Telephone and Video Interpretation Companies in the U.S.

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Every year, CSA Research (formerly known as Common Sense Advisory) releases a list of the Top 100 Language Service Providers in the U.S. We feel very lucky to be included as a top interpretation company on this list, but there are several others alongside us that you should know — especially if you’re on the hunt for the perfect language service provider (LSP). 

One thing about the language industry: It’s huge. Huge. Our CEO likes to say that we’re the “biggest little industry nobody’s ever heard of.” It encompasses much more than remote interpretation, too, like translation, localization, and transcription. 

So while there are plenty of heavy hitters in the U.S. language services industry (hi, Lionbridge and TransPerfect), we’ll be focusing on the top companies that primarily provide remote interpreting services, like video and telephone interpretation. 

Let’s take a closer look.

LanguageLine Solutions

Established: 1982

Language services offered: Video and phone interpretation, on-site interpretation, translation, transcription, language and interpreting assessments, training

Primary industries served: Healthcare, government, enterprise, personal interpreter 

Who they are: LanguageLine has established itself as a leader in the language industry. Founded by Jeff Munks, a former police officer, and Michael McFerrin, a former U.S. marine, the pair formed the language company (then known as Communication And Language Line, or CALL) to provide support for the 65,000 Vietnamese refugees who immigrated to the U.S. following the Vietnam War.

LanguageLine has since grown to become a $530 million enterprise, staffing 12,000 full-time employees in 364 offices worldwide.

Other notable statistics: 

  • They have a pool of 12,000 interpreters
  • LanguageLine offers 240+ languages for telephone interpretation
  • They offer 40 languages for video remote interpretation
  • Over 30,000 clients use their interpretation and/or translation services
  • In 2013, they acquired Pacific Interpreters; LanguageLine was acquired by call center giant Teleperformance in 2016

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Established: 1995

Language services offered: Video and phone interpretation, on-site interpretation, translation, transcription, language and interpreting assessments, training

Primary industries served: Healthcare

Who they are: Out of the largest interpretation services companies, CyraCom is unique in that they only service healthcare organizations. Voiance, a subsidiary of CyraCom, handles “over 100 sectors, including some of the largest municipal government, health plan, property and casualty (P&C) insurance, and banking organizations in the United States.” 

While many interpreting companies use contract interpreters, CyraCom touts the use of large contact centers staffed with interpreters covering 200,000 square feet of space across the U.S.

Other notable statistics: 

  • According to CSA, CyraCom employs 2,396 full-time positions in 8 locations
  • Their 2019 revenue was $156.70 million
  • They have 3 ISO certifications in quality management system, community interpreting services, and translation services

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Stratus Video

Established: 2011

Language services offered: Video and telephone interpretation, on-site interpretation, translation

Primary industries served: Healthcare, government, 911 call centers, insurance, legal, refugee agencies

Who they are: Stratus mainly focuses on providing quality interpreter services to healthcare organizations, but they do serve other industries as well. They began as a video remote interpreting company, but have since expanded to include a full spectrum of services. In 2019, they merged with InDemand Interpreting, another sizable language company, and were then acquired by AMN Healthcare in early 2020.

Other notable statistics: 

  • They offer support in over 200 audio languages 
  • They offer support in 35 video languages
  • Stratus has around 3,000 medical interpreters
  • Over 175 health systems and 1,900 hospitals and clinics use Stratus’s interpretation services

An industry of connection

Six interpreting industry professionals put their hands together in a hand-stack over a table.

These are just a few of the companies that provide world-class interpretation services. Each has their own strengths and value propositions.

The language services industry is distinct in its sense of comradery between many of the companies that might be considered direct competitors. That’s because, at the end of the day, we’re all committed to making sure anyone can quickly communicate with limited English proficient individuals.

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