CLI Third-Party Dial-Out

How to Dial Out to a Third Party

Instead of relying on a CLI customer service representative (CSR) to connect you to your third party, you’ll be able to do it yourself (with a little help from some nifty automation).

* * *

How It Works 

Once connected to a CSR, let them know you need a third-party dial-out.

The CSR will ask for the number of the party you want to reach, enter the number into our system, and connect you with an interpreter.

Once the interpreter is connected, the CSR will drop off the call. 

After briefing your interpreter, you can press # at any time, and our system will dial the number of your third party automatically.

You’ll hear handy voice prompts to pave the way as you move through the new process.

* * *

Quick Prompts

  • To connect to your third party or to redial that number, press #
  • To disconnect from the third-party call, press 8
  • If the interpreter drops unexpectedly before your call is complete, press 9 to transfer back to the call center
  • To disconnect all parties and end the call, press * or hang up

* * *

A CSR Can Assist You in These Situations

There are certain call scenarios where a CSR will need to manually dial a third party for you:

  • If you need to dial internationally*
  • If you need to call more than one number*
  • If the number has an extension*
  • If your phone does not have a dial pad

*You can still press 9 to transfer back to the call center.

* * *

Tips for Various Call Scenarios

• If you’re using IVR: IVR is not compatible with our third-party dial-out automation. None of the prompts, specifically transferring back to the call center, will work if you connected to an interpreter through IVR.

• If the number dialed results in someone answering: The third party is connected into your conference call with the interpreter, and the interpreting session can begin.

• If you push the # button and for some reason it fails to connect: You can ask the interpreter to push #. Either one of you can do this to begin the 3-way call.

If the number dialed results in a busy signal or no answer: You will hear a message saying, “Your party could not be reached, or there was an error connecting your call.” You can then follow the prompts according to what you wish to do next, such as press # to redial the number.  

• If the number dialed results in a voicemail: You’ll have two options.

1. The interpreter can leave the message as discussed during the pre-session conference. You can then press * to end the call or hang up.
2. If you want to try the number again, press 8 to disconnect from the voicemail and then press # to re-dial the number.

• If the interpreter drops unexpectedly before your call is complete: Press 9 to transfer back to the call center if you still need an interpreter for the customer on the existing order. Otherwise, press * to end the call. If no buttons are pressed after the interpreter disconnects, the call will end for all parties in 15 seconds.

• If you need to speak with a CSR or you need a different interpreter for your customer on the same order: Ask the interpreter to disconnect from the call and then press 9 to transfer back to the call center. Note: You will not be able to transfer back to the call center until after the interpreter disconnects.

• If you need to request an interpreter for a new customer: Press * to end the call or hang up, and then dial your CLI number again to begin a new session.