Medical Translation Services

Our Medical Translators Enhance Your Healthcare Services

Accurate and timely medical translation is an integral part of any healthcare organization.


Since CLI’s inception in 1996, our medical translation track record is second to none.

We translate thousands of medical documents each year, so we are uniquely positioned to handle workloads of all sizes and parameters. Each medical translator is highly qualified, holds advanced levels of education, is professionally trained, and provides expert translation.

  • Medical records
  • Informed consent forms
  • Marketing materials, brochures, newsletters & signage
  • Clinical study agreements
  • Physician manuals
  • User manuals for medical devices & software
  • Research studies
  • Member handbooks
  • Multilingual websites

CLI’s medical translators allow you to improve the quality of patient care and optimize health outcomes. We help ensure the following:

  • Equal access to written information for a diverse range of patients
  • Compliance with government regulations and Joint Commission standards
  • Risk reduction of incorrect prescription usage or care plans
  • Cost management through group pricing and volume discounts
  • Accountability via customized reporting
  • Increased quality of medical care and trust in your institution
  • Strict confidentiality with HIPAA-certified translators.

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