Medical Interpreter Services

Medical Interpreter Services

Improve patient and provider experiences with quality medical interpretation services.

A healthcare professional and a patient speak with the help of a medical interpreter.

Medical interpreter companies like Certified Languages International provide essential language services for healthcare professionals and patients. These services ensure accuracy and confidentiality in medical interpretation, improving patient care and driving better health outcomes. With the growing diversity of patient populations in healthcare facilities across the country, quality medical interpretation services play a vital role in ensuring equitable access to healthcare for all patients.

How It Works

Whether you’re accessing an interpreter over the phone or through video, our process is simple.

Telephone Interpretation

  • Call CLI
  • Request your language from one of our operators
  • Share any information you need collected for reporting purposes
  • Connect with your telephone interpreter and begin your conversation

Video Interpretation

  • Navigate to CLI’s video interpreting platform and enter your access code
  • Provide your information and select your language
  • Connect with your video interpreter and begin your conversation
A doctor holds an iPad showing CLI's video interpreting platform so a patient can see the interpreter.

On-Demand Medical Interpretation

On-demand medical interpretation services give you instant access to interpreters via phone or video. This allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients, regardless of what language they speak. 

On-demand telephone interpretation is especially useful for emergency situations, languages of lesser diffusion, scheduling appointments, reminder calls, or routine medical appointments.

On-demand video remote interpretation is handy for those who use American Sign Language (ASL), when a visual component is needed for educational purposes, when the conversation would benefit from visual cues, or for children who prefer to look at a smiling face instead of a phone receiver.

CLI provides professional interpreters to assist in communication between patients who speak a language other than English and their healthcare team. The experienced interpreters we partner with are available on-demand, 24/7 via phone or video. We ensure that our medical interpreters aren’t just fluent between languages, but also have in-depth knowledge of medical terminology we assess through a rigorous vetting and credential process.

Benefits of Medical Interpreters

Black woman wearing a mask is getting a bandage applied to her arm after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Medical interpreters help patients and medical professionals to overcome linguistic differences and achieve the best health outcomes.Let’s explore the numerous benefits that medical interpreters provide in medical settings.

  • Improved Patient Care: The biggest advantage of professional medical interpreters is improved patient care. When patients and their care providers don’t speak the same language, it’s difficult for both parties to discuss care and treatment options. And when ad hoc interpreters or bilingual staff are used to interpret, misinterpretations or omission of crucial information can occur. Working with a professional medical interpreter improves comprehension for the patient and reduces errors in communication because experienced interpreters are familiar with medical terminology and adept at interpreting complex treatment plans.
  • Enhanced Patient and Provider Satisfaction: When language barriers are eliminated, both patients and healthcare providers are more satisfied with their interactions. Medical providers can better deliver the right treatment, while patients receive more personalized care and can better follow through with any medications or procedures.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Executive Order 13166, and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), healthcare entities that accept federal funding must provide meaningful access to qualified interpreters. Working with a language services provider that offers qualified medical interpreters in 230+ languages will ensure your hospital, clinic, or medical system will remain in compliance with language access laws. 
  • Cultural Awareness: Professional medical interpreters are well-versed in the cultural backgrounds, beliefs, values, and customs of the communities they interpret for. This knowledge can help medical providers administer care that respects patients’ cultural preferences, fostering trust, mutual respect, and patient engagement.

Healthcare providers can rely on our medical interpreter services to accurately relay vital info to patients. We carefully select the highest quality medical interpreters in the industry. They undergo an extensive vetting and healthcare credentialing process. We make sure interpreters have a deep knowledge of healthcare terminology that includes medical treatments, anatomy, physiology, diagnostics, and more.

Very helpful and clear interpretation services! Appreciate the prompt and quality service!”

— Nonprofit medical center

You can trust CLI’s medical interpreters in the most demanding situations

• Get on-demand access to experienced healthcare interpreters 24/7

• Communicate with patients in hundreds of languages, including American Sign Language (ASL)

• Comply with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, and Joint Commission/DNV standards

• Reduce the risk of misdiagnosis or incorrect prescriptions

• Ensure confidentiality with HIPAA-certified interpreters

A doctor calls an experienced and HIPAA-certified CLI interpreter.

CLI interpreters hold national healthcare interpreting certifications

certification commission for healthcare interpreter logo
Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI)
National Boards of Certification for Medical Interpreters logo
National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI)
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Department of Human Services (DHS)

Medical interpreter services that improve experiences for your providers and patients

A doctor takes notes while discussing medical interpreter services with a language service provider over a phone call.

You can count on our medical interpreters to help you communicate with patients — whenever and wherever you need. Connect with them 24/7 via phone or video.

Doctors, nurses, dietitians, physical therapists, pharmacists, and many more healthcare partners use our services to ensure their non-English-speaking patients feel supported.

We provide medical interpreter services to:

Hospitals · Pharmacies · Drug Stores · Health Clinics · Rehab Centers · Urgent Care Centers · Nursing Homes · Healthcare Insurance 

With CLI, you get more than just world-class medical interpreters

Your priority is to advocate for equitable language access for your patients. We’re committed to making that as easy as possible for you.

We can help you with language access plans and custom implementation rollouts.

And we offer friendly, attentive customer service, with a dedicated account team with 24/7 support.

More than anything, we go to great lengths to make sure your staff can quickly connect to qualified interpreters in the languages your patients speak.

A happy doctor sits behind a laptop and smiles after setting up medical interpreter services.

Why Choose Certified Languages International

At Certified Languages International, we help create meaningful connections by allowing everyone to communicate in their native language. 

We provide our clients with a robust suite of interpretation services backed by industry experts in 230+ languages, available to support you 24/7. No matter if you need phone interpreting, video remote interpretation, or ASL interpreting, Certified Languages International will provide you with high-quality interpretation that exceeds your expectations.

Are you looking for language support for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) calls? We specialize in foreign-language interpreters for CMS call center monitoring.

We also offer medical translation services.

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