An American Sign Language interpreter on a laptop signs the word friend.

Video ASL Interpreters: Enhancing Deaf Community Communication

Through video interpretation platforms, users can to securely access an on-demand American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter to communicate with their customers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. This provides real-time communication access for meetings, appointments, interviews, calls, and more.

What Is an ASL Video Interpreter?

video ASL interpreter is a sign language interpreter who provides remote, on-demand interpreting services through video conferencing technology. They fluently interpret between American Sign Language (ASL) and English to facilitate communication with deaf and hard-of-hearing customers.

CLI’s user-friendly MERFi platform provides secure video remote interpreting (VRI) access to ASL interpreters.

As a HIPAA-compliant platform, MERFi sets the standard for remote ASL interpretation by:

  • Delivering an easy-to-use interface optimized for visual communication
  • Allowing remote attendance by additional interpreters, experts, or family members for extra support
  • Offering easy appointment scheduling in advance to secure qualified ASL interpreters
  • Providing an integrated chat function allowing typed conversations and instructions when needed as a written supplement
  • Ensuring top security, protecting private conversations

Benefits of Video ASL Interpreters

Video remote interpreting services taps into interpreters through secure video platforms instead of relying on local availability.

Major benefits include:

  • Reduced wait times: Video interpreting delivers quicker access to qualified ASL interpreters during situations when local in-person availability could take too long, such as during a medical emergency
  • Flexibility and independence: Instead of relying solely on the availability of in-person interpreters, remote video access gives clients more flexibility over when and how they offer effective communication

How Video ASL Interpreting Works

Gain instant access to an ASL interpreter with CLI’s video platform.

  • Sign in: Enter your access code to sign in to the CLI video interpreting web address
  • Select language: Choose ASL for your language selection
  • Connect visually: Within seconds, an ASL interpreter appears through high-definition video, ready to facilitate your conversation

Best Practices for Video ASL Interpreting

Ensuring an optimal video remote interpreting session requires some best practices to enable clear signing and understanding.

  • Position device at eye level: Situating devices like webcams at eye level allows interpreters to clearly see facial expressions and signs. Make sure the interpreter and your customer can see each other’s face, arms, hands, and fingers.
  • Check lighting: Good overhead and facial lighting ensure interpreters catch hand movements and visual cues that get lost in shadow or glare.
  • Address any lags: If lags or choppy video occur, check to make sure you have enough bandwidth to conduct a video session.

With a few minor positioning adjustments and tech checks before each meeting, video ASL interpreters and your customers who are deaf can sign and interpret without disruptions.

Skilled ASL Specialists at CLI

At CLI, our American Sign Language interpreters blend expertise with compassion to facilitate clear communication.

  • Experience signing professionally: With 7-10+ years actively practicing interpretation, the specialists we work with have cultivated versatility in signing dialogues across many professional settings.
  • Nationally credentialed: Strict credentialing through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) cements their expertise to national standards.
  • HIPAA certified: Annual refreshed confidentiality training ensures readiness to handle protected information with integrity and discretion.
  • Subject matter knowledge: From medical terminology to academic lectures or financial settings, our interpreters have experience adapting their signing skills to different industries and environments.

The CLI Difference for Video Interpreting

When selecting video-based American Sign Language interpretation, Certified Languages International rises above through our combination of an exceptional video platform, talented interpreters, and unwavering standards.

Some reasons to partner with CLI include:

  • Compliance confidence: CLI helps you meet laws and requirements needing qualified interpreters like the Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Rapid visual access: Connect staff and patients with professional ASL interpreters in seconds via our MERFI, CLI’s video platform optimized for signing.
  • Attentive partnership: Friendly, responsive CLI account teams provide guidance to implement our video interpreting solution seamlessly.

Contact CLI to experience the difference our interpreters make in converting everyday conversations into meaningful connections.