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Oregon House Bill 2359 raises a lot of questions, not only for healthcare interpreters, but also for the healthcare industry as a whole. We're here with answers.
Even with living in the U.S. for 20 years, a degree in English, and extensive training in linguistics, Helen still struggles with understanding the U.S. school system. Now imagine what it would be like for a recent immigrant.
Interpreting, perhaps especially ASL interpreting, is more than a job. It’s a lifestyle. And Pride is so personal for so many of us, it adds an extra layer of emotion and energy. How selfless of them to show up in the name of accessibility.
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A final rule has been issued regarding Section 1557 of ACA. See how these new changes affect language access.
We talk a lot about CMS testing season, but CMS, the organization, is A LOT bigger than that. Get a feel for its history and the impact it has on millions of Americans.
Mobile, Easy, Reliable, Fast, Interpreting Key features Intuitive user interface Face-to-face communication made simple. Web-based access Connect anywhere, on nearly any device. On-demand interpreters Reach interpreters in 22+ video and 230+ audio languages. Natural communication that just works • Add multiple remote parties to your video call • Troubleshooting tools to help your IT help… Continue reading Meet MERFi
Libraries are a safe haven for everyone, especially underserved populations. Anyone can learn, meet, or just enjoy a quiet, safe place. Art happened upon one shortly after immigrating to the States, and it changed his life. Read how.