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SIP-based Approach 1.       The practitioner requests interpreter using SIP Interface on EPIC or a telehealth platform 2. A SIP call is being sent to MERFI with SIP header information needed (Conference Id; Customer code; Language needed; Additional Information etc.) 3. MERFi receives SIP call and routes it to the Interpreter 4.       The interpreter joins the… Continue reading SIP & API Approaches
All API calls to server are rate limited by IP to prevent brute forcing and to reduce DOS effectiveness for backend servers
Device Operating System Google Chrome Apple Safari PC running Windows Windows 10 ✓(83 & above)  Apple iMac, MacBook & MacBook Pro Mac OS X 10.14 & newer ✓(83 & above) ✓(13.1.1 & above) Android smartphones & tablets Android 8 & newer ✓(85 & above)  iOS iPhones & iPads iOS 13.6 & newer … Continue reading Browser and device requirements
The Internal Blocked Interpreters function allows admins to block internal interpreters from individual child accounts. To block internal interpreters for child accounts: Note: You can unblock an interpreter at any time. If you want to block an interpreter from all accounts, navigate to their profile, and select No under the Active status.
You can search, view, and add staff interpreters under the Interpreters tab. To search for and view an interpreter’s profile:
As an admin, you have the ability to add and manage your own interpreter staff. To add a staff interpreter to the portal: Note: An Interpreter ID will be generated after the interpreter’s profile has been filled out and saved. You will need to exit the interpreter’s profile and re-enter to view the ID. Email… Continue reading I Need To Add An Interpreter