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To mark CCHI’s 15-year anniversary, we spoke with language access advocate Jorge Ungo. Our conversation covered CCHI’s evolution, including the introduction of the ETOE™ exam, their second annual summit, and their efforts to unite the language access community.
CLI Director of HR Elizabeth Garvin, winner of the Portland Business Journal’s 2024 HR Leadership Award, has met the challenge of supporting a diverse workforce — and then some!
Often how information is presented is just as important as what the information is. This is why, after 25+ years of interpreting filled with many difficult conversations, I am convinced now more than ever that to truly excel in our profession, we must learn the subtle techniques of tone and inflection matching.
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Healthcare systems can get the best of both worlds (the efficiency of remote + the personal touch of on-site) by setting up an internal call center for staff interpreters.
CLI Fulfillment Policy At Certified Languages International (CLI), we strive to provide exceptional interpretation services to our clients. Our fulfillment policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellations to ensure a seamless experience for all parties involved. Refund Policy 1. Quality Assurance: We are committed to delivering high-quality interpretation services. If you are… Continue reading Fulfillment Policy
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