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Language services companies: Check. Women-owned companies: Double check. Women-owned language services companies: TRIPLE check!
How do your limited English proficient customers and patients know you offer interpreting services? You have to tell them. And usage materials are the way.
It can be tricky to figure out what vital medical documents you’re supposed to translate and in which languages. In this post, we break down what a vital document is, how to determine which of your documents are vital and which aren’t, and how to identify what languages you need to translate vital documents into.
Right now we’re wishing we had a crystal ball to help us forecast 2023. Instead, we’ll have to rely on our industry data and expertise to predict what’s ahead for the language industry.  So we asked CLI pros in Interpreter Services, Interpreter Recruitment, Operations . . . all the way up to our CEO. Here’s… Continue reading 2023 Predictions: What’s on the Horizon for Language Access and Interpreting Services
Learn about 3 New Year's celebrations from around the world! We'll teach you how to say "Happy New Year!" in each country, too.
SIP-based Approach 1.       The practitioner requests interpreter using SIP Interface on EPIC or a telehealth platform 2. A SIP call is being sent to MERFI with SIP header information needed (Conference Id; Customer code; Language needed; Additional Information etc.) 3. MERFi receives SIP call and routes it to the Interpreter 4.       The interpreter joins the… Continue reading SIP & API Approaches
All API calls to server are rate limited by IP to prevent brute forcing and to reduce DOS effectiveness for backend servers