Professional Interpreting Services

Create meaningful connections with interpretation services.

Professional Interpreting Services

Create meaningful connections with interpretation services:

Building Meaningful Connections with CLI

Everyone wants to be understood. As your trusted interpretation partner, Certified Languages International offers solutions to help create meaningful connections with your clients and customers by making it easier for everyone to communicate in their native language.

Our team of experienced professional interpreters are fluent in over 230 languages and are ready to support your interpretation needs from American Sign Language (ASL) to spoken languages and more.

Connect With a Professional Interpreter Quickly and Easily

There may be situations where you require interpretation services fast. Whether it’s for emergency medical assistance or to communicate with non-English- speaking parents in educational settings, on-demand interpretation services provide a practical and efficient solution. Waiting hours for an in-person interpreter or scheduling an in-person interpretation in advance can be time consuming and frustrating. But by using on-demand interpreting via phone or video, you can save time and get the interpretation you need exactly when you need it.

On-Demand Interpretation Services

From round-the-clock telephone interpreting from skilled interpreters to on-demand video interpreting using high-fidelity video and audio, we strive to provide you with the highest quality services.

Video Remote Interpretation Services

Video interpretation services give you on-demand language assistance with a visual element. This form of interpretation is perfect for any organization that needs on-site interpreters but doesn’t have the ability to schedule appointments in advance. You can quickly loop in video interpreters in American Sign Language and a growing number of spoken languages.

CLI’s video interpretation services also allow organizations to add a third person to the session, such as other experts or even family members. And when you choose a professional organization like CLI, you will benefit from an easy-to-use interface, quality video and audio, and high security from a private, encrypted network.

Telephone Interpretation Services

This service connects you with a professional interpreter via a telephone. Best for scheduling, billing and collections, routine medical appointments, and customer service call centers, phone-based language services offer convenience and flexibility.

With telephone interpretation services from CLI, you can leverage the expertise of qualified interpreters in over 230 languages. Phone-based interpretation services are an ideal choice for time-sensitive situations and appointments where in-person interpretation isn’t possible.

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Interpreting Services that Meet Your Industry’s Needs

Industry-specific interpretation services are invaluable for professionals who need to communicate complex information accurately. Industry terms, expressions, and jargon don’t always translate easily from one language to another. By working with experienced interpreters with specialized knowledge of your field, you can ensure your message is conveyed with precision and clarity.

We make sure that our interpreters aren’t just fluent between languages, but actually possess a deep working knowledge of industry terminology. We carefully select the right interpreters, ensuring that you get the most accurate interpretation possible.

At CLI, we offer industry-specific interpretation services for a variety of industries, including:

Medical & Healthcare


Banking & Finance

Educational Institutions


Government Agencies

Call Centers

Courts & Legal Systems

Retail & Customer Service

Travel, Tourism, Hospitality

Quality-focused Interpretation at Your Convenience

Effective communication is essential for any business, but it’s indispensable when navigating language barriers. With an increasingly globalized world, there’s a growing need for interpretation services that help bridge different languages and cultures.

That’s why Certified Languages International offers a range of interpretation solutions designed to meet your needs while ensuring convenient and personalized service.

What Sets Certified Languages International Apart

At CLI, we help create meaningful connections by helping you communicate with your customers in their native language. We provide our clients with a suite of interpretation services backed by experienced interpreters in 230+ languages, available to support you 24/7. No matter if you need phone interpreting, video remote interpretation, American Sign Language interpreting, or document translation, Certified Languages International will provide you with high-quality language services that exceed your expectations.
An insurance agent and a client smile as they talk to an interpreter for insurance companies over a video call on a laptop.

Reasons to Choose Our Interpreting Services

Certified Languages International is a reputable provider of professional interpreting services. With a vast network of knowledgeable interpreters, we cater to numerous industries and organizations, ensuring seamless communication in hundreds of languages.
Here are the reasons why you should consider CLI’s interpreting services for your communication needs:

Collaborative Partnership

We pride ourselves on being an extremely high-touch partner. We work in tight collaboration with your team to ensure you receive the real-time support and reporting you require.
Our interpreters are a reflection of your business and your brand. They are professionals who will serve your customers with the same care that you would.
Interpreting is a knowledge-based business. Experience matters. Our recruiting team sets a high bar, and then tests and evaluates our interpreters for both quality and industry expertise.
Our telephone interpreting services are available 24/7 and our video interpreting solution gives you on-demand communication on any device. This allows you to connect with interpreters when and where you need them, easily breaking through language barriers in any situation.
Our seasoned interpreters have the proven ability to keep dialogue moving. Their high levels of fluency mean they’re less likely to slow conversations down. This keeps calls shorter. We also don’t charge for time spent collecting call data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interpretation service?

An interpretation service is a communication service that facilitates communication in real time between two or more parties who speak different languages. An interpreter listens to the speaker and translates their message into another language, conveying the most accurate meaning possible. Interpretation services are used in many different settings, including business meetings, medical appointments, legal proceedings, classrooms, and call centers.
Interpretation services are used by professionals in various industries, including healthcare, legal, business, government, education, banking and finance, and nonprofit. They are used by organizations to communicate with people who speak different languages and to help bridge linguistic and cultural barriers.
Someone may need an interpreter if they are not fluent in the language being spoken in a particular situation. This could be in a professional setting, such as a court hearing, or in a personal setting, such as a medical appointment. Interpreters are used to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages, ensuring that each party can fully understand and participate in the conversation.
Some advantages of using professional interpretation services include accurate communication, confidentiality, cultural sensitivity, versatility of services, and time and cost savings.

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