Certified Languages International’s Pandemic Preparedness Statement


March 25, 2020 update

We at CLI are all hoping that you are safe and doing well during this unprecedented time.

Our teams continue to help our customers stay connected and supported. We remain fully staffed and ready to connect you with interpreters around the clock. All of our employees have been set up to work from home, with a small amount of critical staff who will maintain essential office tasks as needed.

With everyone in the world scrambling to keep up with and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, the interpreting industry is collectively doing everything we can to band together, educate each other, and help out one other.

Tomorrow our CEO, Kristin Quinlan, will be participating as a speaker in InterpretAmerica’s webinar, “A Unified Response to Ensure Access to Interpreting Services During the Pandemic”:

  • Thursday, March 26
  • 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Pacific Time

Kristin will be touching on challenges in the industry, how we are addressing them, and how we can work together to make it through this crisis. This is a multilingual event with simultaneous interpreting available, so please feel free to sign up and participate in your native language. More information on the webinar and speakers can be found at https://www.interpretamerica.com/interpretamerica-2020

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please feel free to contact your account representative or our client relations team at clientrelations@certifiedlanguages.com or 1.800.362.3241, ext. 7000.


March 20, 2020 update

CLI is here to help and provide support during this time. The need to keep people connected is more important than ever. As we carefully monitor this unfolding situation, our services remain uninterrupted and we’re helping our customers quickly communicate as always:

  • We’re fully staffed with thousands of remote interpreters logged on and ready to answer calls.
  • Currently we’ve transitioned around 75% of our employees to work from secure home setups, with a plan for the remaining employees in the coming days.
  • For those employees still in the office, we continue to follow meticulous cleaning procedures and practice safe social distancing protocols, per CDC and public health guidance.
  • We’re working closely with our customers to make sure they have the support they need, and we have increased our distribution of digital instructional materials.
  • We’ve ramped up our support for other language service providers who are in need of help providing remote interpreting services to their customers.
  • We’re compiling free multilingual coronavirus resources that our customers and community partners might find helpful.

More than anything, every employee at CLI is working hard to stay healthy and keep our customers connected with their non-English-speaking customers. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact your account representative, call us at 1.800.362.3241, or reach us at clientrelations@certifiedlanguages.com.


March 13, 2020 update

The novel coronavirus (or COVID-19) is on all of our minds lately, and the impact it’s had on our communities is impossible to ignore.

We wanted to take a moment to share the steps we’re taking to ensure our services are not interrupted for you during this uncertain time. Because organizations like yours that use on-demand interpretation services need to know that organizations like ours are doing everything in our power to keep people connected when they most need it.

Your ability to access the services you need is our top priority, so we’re closely monitoring the situation and have the following precautions in place:

Our interpreters already work remotely.

CLI is fortunate that our business model has always been based on our interpreters working remotely, which limits the human-to-human contact they would have if they worked in a call center.

We’re ramping up our resources in top languages.

Management is closely monitoring our service levels, and our recruiters are actively adding interpreters in top languages for both VRI and OPI. We’re taking these actions to make sure we can handle increased demand.

All internal administrative staff are cross-trained to answer your calls.

In the event additional call center support is needed, our admin staff can quickly begin answering your calls, so you won’t have delays waiting to reach an interpreter.

As a progressive company, we have a work-from-home policy in place.

Key employees have the ability to work from home if needed. In fact, a portion of our workforce already successfully works remotely as part of their normal schedule.

The health and safety of our employees and their families take precedence.

That’s why we’re encouraging all employees to stay home if they’re feeling ill. We’re also suspending all business-related air travel at this time.

High-touch hard surfaces are disinfected daily, as recommended by the CDC. We also have cellphone sanitizers located in our break rooms.

We’re taking preventative measures seriously.

We care about you, your limited English proficient customers, and the larger community in which you operate. You can follow CLI’s coronavirus response statement and related updates on this webpage. 

We will continue to communicate with you as things evolve. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please feel free to contact your account representative, call us at 1.800.362.3241, or reach us at clientrelations@certifiedlanguages.com. We’re here to help.


CLI’s Pandemic Preparedness Statement

Certified Languages International (CLI) provides services that are vital to our clients — particularly during times of increased hazardous threats — and we have plans in place to ensure continuity of essential business functions in the event of a pandemic outbreak.

Performing essential functions is our first priority, and we have the following contingencies secured to ensure that our clients receive uninterrupted service.

CLI’s business model is based on interpreters working remotely from geographically diverse locations, which helps limit the spread of illness through person-to-person contact. This model is designed to minimize the impact on service levels should a high-severity incident, like coronavirus, occur.

We also have the capacity for a significant percentage of our in-house workforce to operate remotely, further limiting complications that could impact our operations.

Additionally, all of our administrative staff receive cross-training in call center operations. This allows CLI to increase its operational capability, wherein admin staff can function as remote customer service representatives within minutes, if needed.

The health and safety of our employees takes precedence. That’s why we are encouraging all in-house employees to stay home if they are not feeling well. We are taking on-site preventative measures such as disinfecting high-touch hard surfaces daily, as recommended by the CDC.

While it is not possible to anticipate all contingencies, we are doing everything possible to mitigate the effects of a pandemic event.

CLI will continue to adapt our plan as the situation evolves, and we remain dedicated to providing seamless access to interpreters and the best customer support possible.