Finance & Bank Interpreting Services

Make your banking services accessible to all with on-demand, quality interpretation.

Finance & Bank Interpreting Services

Make your banking services accessible to all with on-demand, quality interpretation.

Make Your Banking Services Accessible to All

In the fast-paced world of banking and finance, effective communication is crucial to building successful relationships with customers. Yet a large portion of the U.S. population remains under- or unserved in this way by mainstream financial institutions. Those who speak a language other than English often have language barriers that make it difficult to access banking products and services.

Understanding the Importance of Interpreting and Translation Services in Banking

While lending compliance and other regulations make it feel risky to serve limited English proficient (LEP) customers, banks can take steps to help underrepresented populations get securely banked.

By adopting interpreting and translation services, financial institutions can enhance customer communications across cultures, fostering a fair and equitable experience for all.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Bank Interpreting Services

CLI provides remote interpreting and translation services that cater to the varied needs of financial services companies. We provide over-the-phone translation, video interpreting, and professional document translation services, ensuring all forms of communication are covered.

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Video Remote Interpretating Services

In addition to over-the-phone interpreting, CLI offers on-demand and scheduled video remote interpreting (VRI) services.CLI’s video platform allows you to connect with a skilled video interpreter in seconds.

VRI in Retail Bank Branches Puts the “V” in Visual.

Leverage tools like VRI to onboard LEP individuals into your banking system. Many people prefer the experience of visiting a physical branch to personally interact with staff, particularly when they are in the process of opening a new account. The visual element of video interpreting means your LEP customers will see the smiling, helpful faces of real people who speak their language.

Telephone Interpreting

Boost customer satisfaction and trust with over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services for banks.
Instant telephone interpretation for smooth transactions in call centers.

CLI understands the importance of time in the banking industry. Access fast, reliable phone interpretation, whenever you need it. This ensures clear communication and minimizes potential misunderstandings. Your representative just dials CLI’s number, requests the language they need, and gets connected with a telephone interpreter quickly.

Document Translation

CLI’s document translation services are accurate, customized, and timely.
Speak any language in your regional branch with translated documents.

Inform current and potential clients that you offer services and products in languages beyond English. By using translated messages, welcome signs, and marketing materials, regional banks can effectively communicate their dedication to supporting the needs of diverse communities.

Why Choose Our Interpreting Services?

At CLI, we strive to ensure equal access to financial services for all individuals. Choosing our bank interpreting and translation services means making your services accessible to a broader customer base and setting yourself up for long-term success.

By breaking down language barriers, we help create an inclusive banking environment that promotes financial growth and economic resilience for those who need it most.

Ensure Customers’ Privacy

  • Our professional interpreters follow strict confidentiality protocols to protect sensitive information and maintain the privacy of LEP customers’ data
  • CLI does not collect or store financial information from your LEP customers
  • Call recordings are optional and are for quality purposes only

Help deliver accurate, consistent experiences for all your customers through CLI’s professional interpreters. With their interpreting expertise, they can:

  • Understand complex banking and financial terminologies and concepts, such as balance sheets and loan terms
  • Help LEP customers navigate the cultural nuances of banking in a different country
  • Give LEP customers the confidence to make informed decisions about their financial future
Banks provide disclosures to their customers to ensure transparency in savings and lending product terms, inform customers about their rights and responsibilities, and comply with federal and state regulations. In some regions, banks may even be subject to regulations that require language access services. These regulations aim to prevent discrimination based on language or national origin. Requirements may vary widely depending on state laws, demographics, and the extent to which regulators view language access as an important issue.

When offering interpreting services and translated disclosures for the first time, it’s important to consult with relevant state regulatory authorities and/or legal experts who specialize in banking and financial regulations in each state you operate in. CLI can help financial institutions meet requirements, provide the necessary documentation, and stay in compliance with federal and state regulations.
Get instant access to all your call data — total minutes of interpreting per language, spend, languages used, and so on — to track and document with pinpoint precision the language needs of the customers you serve.

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Competitive Advantages of Providing Language Services

Build Trust

Demonstrate your commitment to serving diverse communities by giving everyone the opportunity to participate in daily financial tasks, like cashing a check or accessing credit. Language services help foster trust, strengthen relationships, and can lead to long-term customer loyalty and referrals.

Inclusive Customer Service

Expand your customer base, increase revenue, and enhance your reputation by supporting underserved communities. Banks that offer multilingual services help empower LEP individuals to confidently engage in financial activities and fully participate in the banking system.

Employee Satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction by equipping your staff with the resources they need to communicate effectively with diverse customers. They’ll feel more confident in their roles and, in turn, provide better service. Working with interpreters also allows bilingual bank staff to focus on their core duties without being diverted by interpretation tasks.

Flexibility and Availability

Look past Spanish. Remote interpretation services offer a wide range of language options and are available on-demand. This flexibility ensures that customers can access language assistance whenever needed — even in less common languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do interpreters for financial institutions maintain confidentiality?

Privacy and security are our top priorities. CLI interpreters adhere to a strict code of confidentiality, and we do not collect or store customer data or personally identifiable information (PII). Our interpreting services are in full compliance with national security standards and are built on a secure and reliable infrastructure. We take extensive measures to protect LEP customers’ financial information.
If your staff members don’t know sign language, the best way to support and serve customers who are deaf is by providing an American Sign Language interpreter. CLI provides 24/7, on-demand access to video ASL interpreters. With face-to-face ASL interpreting services, you can maintain compliance with anti-discrimination laws while ensuring customers in the Deaf community can fully engage with your financial services.

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