Woman working on a whiteboard teaching another woman a language

In Your Own Words: Yoshie M.

Yoshie talks about her experience working as an interpreter and a language teacher When did you first start interpreting and how did you become interested in interpreting as a profession? It started when I was working in Tokyo. I was working for an office in Tokyo representing the state of Nevada. Large states have offices […]

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Granting Wishes in Any Language

Heather Joseph, manager of volunteer resources at Make-A-Wish Metro NY and Western NY, talks with CLI about working with kids who speak all sorts of languages. […]

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Doctors in hospital hallway where LEP patients are seen

Speaking of Your Health: Communication and The Affordable Care Act

How Language Access Amplifies the Efficacy of Other ACA Related Programs Whatever happens with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s time for us to take a look at the law and all the programs tied to it, determine what worked, and figure out how the successful features of the law can be further integrated into […]

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Female looking out window thinking about her last interpreting session

Self-Assessment For Interpreters & Communications Professionals

Marisol Varela, an Spanish language interpreter and one of CLI’s quality assurance specialists, writes about self-assessment Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than being bilingual to effectively bridge a language gap between two people. Interpreters must also be good listeners, have the ability to code switch effectively, and have a cultural understanding of the […]

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