Portland Highlights: Food & Drink

Whichever section of the city you’re in, there’s somewhere perfect for you. Let CLI help you explore Portland’s refreshments! Take a look at some of our favorite places to eat or grab a drink.

How One Library in One Town in Washington State Helped Art Get a Job, Learn English, and Find His Place

From left to right: Maya, Rochelle, Z, Art, and DeVonte enjoy each other's company at a CLI holiday party in 2019.

Libraries are a safe haven for everyone, especially underserved populations. Anyone can learn, meet, or just enjoy a quiet, safe place. Art happened upon one shortly after immigrating to the States, and it changed his life. Read how.

These 3 Organizations Are Dedicated to Language Preservation

Balinese is one of the languages on the 7000 Languages preservation list

Language has everything to do with the way we experience and interact with the world. These language activists are helping to preserve language and culture.