CLI Named One of the Oregonian’s Top Workplaces for 5th Year

CLI is proud to announce that we’ve been named as one of The Oregonian’s 2018 Top Workplaces in the state of Oregon and Southwest Washington! It’s an honor we’ve been lucky to receive for the fifth consecutive year.

Since 1996, CLI has been committed to delivering top-quality language services. The secret to our success, our hidden gem, is — and will always remain — the people we hire.

“One immediately gets the feeling that CLI’s philosophy is about taking care of their employees and that having happy, healthy people working for them is the best long-term strategy for a successful business,” stated a member of our Interpreter Services Department. “You sense this in the genuinely friendly and positive attitude of the managers and the fact that they are willing to be flexible and work with you regarding your needs, both at and outside of work.”

Workplace culture starts from the top

What makes this award so special? Recipients are chosen based on survey responses that come directly from employees. So it’s not just management patting themselves on the back, or revenue-driven recognition.

And a happy, strong workplace culture correlates with growth. In fact, according to Deloitte, 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe that having a distinct workplace culture is important to overall business success.

“Creating the culture we wanted to see as an organization was an intentional decision,” stated Kristin Quinlan, CLI’s CEO. “It was something we as a leadership team agreed upon and consistently model through our actions, our behaviors, and our priorities.”

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A cause larger than oneself

Jobs don’t need to be meaningful, especially if your main goal is to collect a paycheck. But we are seeing more and more that, as a society, we do want the work we do every day to mean something — whether that work is personally, spiritually, or passionately rewarding.

Luckily, the work we do at CLI provides immense value for the limited English proficient (LEP) population. Interpreting services help LEP individuals complete simple tasks like paying a bill, to more complex situations like preparing for major surgery. They are tasks that English speakers take for granted — but the importance of providing these services is not lost on our employees.

According to one team member in our Operations Department, “I love the growth and commitment to speaking for those who need help being heard. I like that we are involved in giving back to the community.”

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