Customer Experience and The Human Touch

human touch

Customer services representatives are the unsung heroes of America.

We’ve all had an experience like this: We’ve needed assistance with our bank account, our computer, or our car bill, and an extremely patient customer service representative helped us find the solution we were looking for.

Even with all the other channels for customer support available to modern Americans, call centers still handle 68% of all the communication consumers have with companies.

For call centers, it’s not just about answering the phones and talking to people – it’s about fostering a positive experience. Whether we work in the industry or are talking from personal experience, we all know how affecting our interactions with call center agents can be. Some statistics show that while Americans tell an average of 9 people about good experiences they have with call centers, they talk to about 16 people about negative experiences.

For any company trying to provide positive customer experiences in a country where 1 out of 5 people speak a language other than English at home, language services are vital. Communicating in the language a customer feels most comfortable speaking can make or break the customer experience. And relying on team members who remember a smattering of Spanish from high school just won’t cut it.

We at Certified Languages International not only provide world-class interpreting and translation services, but also maintain our own call center to help connect our clients to those services. We know how important human interaction is to customer satisfaction. We also know that people are more likely to make a purchase if a company speaks their language.

Every day, our operators and interpreters support the heroic customer service reps who help customers understand their phone bills, assist people picking insurance plans, or answer questions callers have when they dial 3-1-1. We do all this, accommodate so many different services from so many different industries, by relying on the power and flexibility of human customer service representatives and interpreters.

Visit CLI’s How It Works page to find out how we integrate the human touch of dedicated CSRs and professional interpreters with cutting edge technology to provide the best customer experience in the language industry.