The login screen of CLI's new video remote interpreting (VRI) platform. It shows a female VRI interpreter with a field for an access code.

CLI’s Video Platform Gets a New Look and an Exciting (and Timely) New Feature

The login screen of CLI's new video remote interpreting (VRI) platform. It shows a smiling female VRI interpreter with a field for an access code to log in.

Our goal has always been to connect you and your non-English-speaking customers to an interpreter fast — no matter what day, no matter what time, no matter what language. We’ve been doing so successfully for 23+ years, thanks, in part, to our investments in telephony technology. And while over-the-phone interpreting is at the heart of what we do, we’re also very committed to ensuring our video remote interpreting (VRI) solution exceeds your expectations as well.

That’s why we’ve recently updated the look and feel of our VRI platform, and added several features to improve the user experience. The end result is a sleek, accessible solution that makes connecting to an interpreter easier than ever.

Take a look at what’s new below!

3-way video call

Function: Add your remote non-English-speaking customer into a video session with an interpreter.

Benefit: For the times when meeting in person is not possible, you can now provide remote support to your customers with the advantage of face-to-face communication.

Freshly branded interface

Function: Improved visual cues and updated color scheme, layout, and graphics.

Benefit: Offers a more engaging design and user-friendly experience as you navigate through the platform.

Visual audio and video cues

Function: Displays a green check mark when your video (camera) and/or audio (microphone) are enabled and displays a red X when video and/or audio are disabled.

Benefit: No need to be tech-savvy here. You will immediately know whether your device’s microphone and camera are enabled for a successful video session.

Top languages

Function: Displays 5 featured languages at the top of the screen, customizable for each account.

Benefit: Stop scrolling and scanning through languages you use less often. Easier access to interpreters in your most-requested languages.

Click for options

Function: If a video interpreter is not immediately available in a particular language, “Click for options” allows you the opportunity to dial an audio interpreter or schedule a video interpreter for a later appointment, all from within the same screen.

Benefit: You will know immediately if a video interpreter is not available for that language, which saves you and your customer precious time waiting.

Make an appointment

Function: You can schedule a video interpreter for any available language on a specific date and time from within platform.

Benefit: Fewer steps saves you time scheduling interpreting appointments.

Connect with a scheduled interpreter

Function: Upon scheduling an interpreter, you will receive an automated confirmation email with a link you can now click to directly launch the scheduled appointment, in addition to the platform’s “Go to an appointment” button.

Benefit: Expanded options for joining a scheduled appointment means you can access your scheduled interpreter no matter where you are.

Interested in taking these new features for a test drive? Contact us for a demo!