An Interview with CCHI Language Access Advocate Jorge Ungo, the One Who “Brings the People Together”

To mark CCHI’s 15-year anniversary, we spoke with language access advocate Jorge Ungo. Our conversation covered CCHI’s evolution, including the introduction of the ETOE™ exam, their second annual summit, and their efforts to unite the language access community.

Hold My Hand from Miles Away

Often how information is presented is just as important as what the information is. This is why, after 25+ years of interpreting filled with many difficult conversations, I am convinced now more than ever that to truly excel in our profession, we must learn the subtle techniques of tone and inflection matching.

Portland Highlights: Food & Drink

Whichever section of the city you’re in, there’s somewhere perfect for you. Let CLI help you explore Portland’s refreshments! Take a look at some of our favorite places to eat or grab a drink.